Thursday, August 25, 2016

Figgy Pudding Body Scrub

Finished Product
Buying scrubs has been difficult for me, since they can be pricy and I go through them quickly. I've taken to making my own over the past several years, and here is a recent experiment: Figgy Pudding Body Scrub.

16 oz demerara sugar
2 oz fig powder
1 tablespoon walnut shell powder
Pumpkin seed oil
Dry ingredients
Mix dry ingredients together, trying to break up any clumps. Add oil to desired consistency.

I had these ingredients on hand, and had wanted to use the fig powder in a scrub. Mixing it with the demerara sugar worked out well, since they give the finished product a sweet scent.

I through in the walnut shell after finding a small sample bag and deciding I might as well try it. I'm not sure it adds much to the finished product, but it does add a finer grain to the mix.

I don't like my scrubs overly oily, so I went light on the oil, probably about 6 oz. You could probably add quite a bit more oil. The pumpkin seed oil has a bit of a nutty scent, and a dark color, and could be substituted with a more neutral oil.

I left out scent because I wanted to appreciate the light figgy molasses scent from the ingredients used. I had thought of adding some vanilla oleoresin or absolute, but those can be hard to mix in, and I wanted to make something quick and easy.

Other ingredients I considered but skipped include some sort of surfactant, like polysorbate, an antioxidant, and a preservative. If making this for sale, a preservative would be a must, since it would be exposed to water in the shower. Since this was for personal use, I left it out. Also, adding an antioxidant so that the oil wouldn't turn rancid would be necessary for a sale product, but since I'm using this up pretty quickly, I'm not concerned about the product going rancid.

The final result is a scrub that worked pretty well for me. The pumpkin seed oil did turn my skin a greenish-yellow, but soaping up after scrubbing solves that problem. The sugar crystals are a little large, but did not irritate my skin- if you try to really rub it in, I imagine it could hurt more though.

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