Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Beauty Resolutions

The new year is a perfect time to clean out your beauty products. Having gone through my collection of various beauty products (I was addicted to sample boxes for awhile, so I had a lot of stuff to go through), I'll offer up some tips for going through your own.

If you have any that you don't use regularly, check the expiration dates and get rid of those first. Ingredients do break down, and any preservatives might not no longer be working, so you don't want to risk putting those things on your skin.If a product is purely oil based, you can probably tell if it's gone rancid by giving it a quick sniff- if it smells fine, it's probably fine to use.

I like to go through the ingredient lists and make sure there's nothing in there that I don't want. Fragrance, dyes, and sulfates are on the top of my list of things to avoid. If these things don't bother your skin, then it's fine to use them, but they don't add any benefits to the end products. When essential oils are used for fragrance, they can offer various beauty benefits, but when a product just lists "parfum" or "fragrance", you have no idea what you're using.

Getting rid of old make up is a good idea too, since it probably harbors bacteria from previous applications. Mascara should be swapped out regularly (about every three months), especially since it goes near your eyes and the wand and tube design make it hard to keep it germ free. Clean your brushes while you're at it, and try to clean them on a regular basis if you don't already.

I'll be posting again soon with ideas on simple beauty products to add into your routine without breaking the bank.

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