Thursday, July 31, 2014

No More Day Job!

This past Monday I gave notice at work, with an end date of 8/15. I was honestly nervous beforehand, because I like my co-workers and didn't want to make their jobs harder by leaving. Plus leaving them makes me sad. On the other hand, I'm excited that I finally get to devote my time to turning Ivre de Fleurs into the company that I want it to be. Trying to balance a full time job and a business was draining me, and I couldn't give my best to either one.

I had considered at one point going to back to school to get my Master's in Library Science. This was a truly horrible idea- I hate formal education, even though I tend to do well in school. Without that degree, I had no way of getting promoted at my current work place (which is ridiculous, since I was clearly up to the job). Even with the degree, there was no guarantee of promotion, since it depends on the firm's needs. So then I would have a some-what expensive degree (I estimated about $25,000) that could help me get a job in libraries, except that librarian positions are being cut left and right everywhere.

I can't imagine spending my life doing mostly menial work, with bursts of real research here and there. And there is no beauty in a law firm (at least not the one I worked at). For so long I've been walking down drab hallways filled with every shade of blah. Soon I'll be dedicating my time to making life more beautiful, one drop of jasmine at a time.

I hope everyone gets a chance to pursue their dream job at some point. I feel really lucky that I'm able to do so, since I know that the difficulties of life make it impossible for others. If you have the chance though, take it.

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