Thursday, December 12, 2013

Depths of Winter Giveaway

 We are giving away a compact of our solid perfume, Depths of Winter! This scent features notes of frankincense, fir balsam, and spice, with a fragrance reminiscent of a cold winter night.

As a January baby who spent her formative years in New England, I love all things snow and winter. I even love shoveling snow, and miss it now that I live in San Francisco. I don't miss the hot and humid summers though! 

Some of my favorite memories are of walking through the woods while the snow was still following, surrounded by cottony piles of snow on the ground and covering the bare tree branches. There's a quiet in the air, and the scent of cold. While it might feel chilly to some, I was filled with warmth from the joy it brought me. After traversing through the snow, I would return home, brushing the snow off my hat and coat. At that point it would occur to me that yes, it really was cold out there, and I would drink hot cocoa to warm up.

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