Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cleaning up my workspace

When I moved across the bay, I was so excited that I finally had my own little crafting room. I bought a giant wooden old filing cabinet with regular cabinets underneath that takes up a lot of space, but holds all sorts of things. I use it for paper, ingredients, packaging, etc. I also have a little plastic table that I've turned into my scent station. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), I've run out of room there, and have essential oils taking over other spots. I have a little book case, some carts, and a mini-fridge. I also had a sewing machine, some fabric, and various other crafty supplies.

While getting ready to launch my business, my slightly disorganized space became rather hectic, with papers everywhere, supplies misplaced, and every empty surface filled. I went on a reorganizing mission this weekend. I started with kicking out the non-business craft supplies- those are now out of the way, and might even be easier to use now that they're not competing for space. That cleared up a lot of space, so I got a new tall bookcase and another cart to help me get better organized. After a few hours or moving things into their new places, I finally had a clean space in the middle of the floor, and logical places for my supplies and ingredients.

Things are still a little crazy, but they probably always will be. I tend to know where everything is, even if it's not obvious to anyone else. And some day I will relabel the filing cabinet drawers, which still have the previous owner's labels. For example, I do keep manuals in the "manuals," but I use the "shrunken heads" drawer for bottle caps. I know. It's not nearly as exciting.

My scent station.

My awesome cabinet.

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