Sunday, August 25, 2013

In the works

I have a love for all things oil. Not just in my food, but in my beauty products, too. In addition to experimenting with body butters and balms, I've also been creating various liquid oils for my face and body. I'm still perfecting those so I can make them for sale, since I don't want to sell anything that leaves people feeling oily. That might sound weird, but some oils absorb quickly. These oils leave you feeling hydrated without a greasy feel.

I have also created a prototype hair oil that I'll be trying out. Two oils,  in fact. I've used hair oils in the past, but those often contain one or more silicones, such cyclomethicone or dimethicone. I don't feel there's anything particularly wrong with them, and they can leave your hair feeling nice. I'm just not sure if they lead to healthier hair in the long run. After all, the products that contain them often advertise the fancy oils that are in them, not the silicones.

I have two base oil blends, with argan, shea, and jojoba in each, with a different extracts in the two. One is aimed for oilier hair, the other for dryer hair. I created different essential oil blends to scent them as well. A sweet herbal lavender fragrance for oily hair, and a sexy ylang ylang fragrance for dry hair. I plan on creating additional scents, such as geranium, in the future. I researched which essential oils are good for the various hair types and issues, and then blended the oils based on how nicely the scents worked together. After all, I want them to not only help the hair, but smell good in the process.

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