Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cinnamon Lip Balm

I've been trying out some of the flavors I made samples of, and for the most part I really like them. The cinnamon one is a bit of a problem though. I love the cinnamon I have- it has a pure sweet cinnamon scent, without the woody earthiness a lot of cinnamon essential oils have. But I put way too much in the sample I made, and it made my lips burn. I'd still like to develop a flavor around it, but I'll have to cut back on how much I put into it. I want to make products that make people feel good, not ones that make them go "ouch."

I also like seeing how the different blends work in the lip balm base. Some of them smelled a little weird straight out of the bottle, but the base softens it up. It changes on the lips too, probably since it's just a thin layer. When I'm making perfumes, I usually start with either diluted materials, or I add the essential oils drop by drop into the alcohol, so I really don't get to smell the fragrances in non-dilute form. Seeing how a blend transforms in the lip balm is pretty interesting for me as a result.

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